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OmegaCAM Exposure Time Calculator


Legacy version P95-phase2 (December 2014)
Provided for reference only!

This is not the normal ETC version www.eso.org/observing/etc

Optical Imaging Mode Version 5.0.0
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Input Flux Distribution

 Uniform (constant with wavelength)
 Blackbody: T =		 Kelvin
 Template Spectra:	  Redshift Z = 

 Object Magnitude:  Band:   Vega AB

Magnitudes are given per square arcsec for extended sources. Note that some template spectra are 
defined over a limited wavelength range and may not allow calculations for all instrument configurations. 

The object magnitude is not taken into account for the option single line source
 Single line
	Wavelength:         nm
	Flux:               10-16 ergs/s/cm2 (per arcsec2 for extended sources)
	FWHM:               nm (Minimum value: 0.50)

Spatial Distribution:	 Point Source		 Extended Source

Sky Conditions

Days From New Moon:  Airmass:    Seeing:  arcsec
The sky brightness is determined by the moon phase according to this table.

Instrumental Setup

Telescope throughput (2 aluminium coated mirrors): 75.00% at 670 nm

 with ADC     no ADC

Detector (CCD ESO#60): Readout mode:	  Binning:  pixels


 S/N: Value    Plotting range  %
 Exposure Time (s): Value    Plotting range  %
Plots: Toggle All / No Plots
 Input spectrum in physical units
 Total Efficiency
 CCD Illumination
 S/N as a function of Seeing
 S/N as a function of Exposure Time

Legacy version P95-phase2 (December 2014)
Provided for reference only!

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