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UVES Exposure Time Calculator


Legacy version P95-phase2 (December 2014)
Provided for reference only!

This is not the normal ETC version www.eso.org/observing/etc

Optical Echelle Spectroscopy Mode Version 5.0.1
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Input Flux Distribution

Blackbody T: Kelvin
Power Law Index: F(lambda) is proportional to lambda(Index)
Template Spectra Redshift z: (only applicable to the Template Spectra option)
Object Magnitude: Band: Vega AB
Magnitudes are given per square arcsec for extended sources. Note that some template spectra are defined over a limited wavelength range and may not allow calculations for all instrument configurations. The object magnitude is not taken into account for single line sources.
Single line λ: [330-1000] nm FWHM: nm Flux 10-16 ergs/s/cm2 (per arcsec2 for extended sources)
Spatial Distribution: Point Source Extended Source

Sky Conditions

Days From New Moon: Airmass: Seeing: arcsec

Instrument Setup

Pre Slit Optics: Image Slicer:
Slit Width
Free Template: Central Wavelength nm Camera Tilt pixel(s)
Standard Template:
For standard templates, only the central wavelength in parenthesis () can be selected. For free templates, the user can enter values in the range indicated in square brackets [].
Below Slit Filter: CCD Binning:

In the binning, the second value refers to the direction of the dispersion in the spectra

Exposure Time:


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Spectral Format
Expected Counts
Graphs:  Toggle All / No Graphs
Input Spectrum
Maximum Intensity

Legacy version P95-phase2 (December 2014)
Provided for reference only!

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