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VIMOS Exposure Time Calculator


Legacy version P95-phase2 (December 2014)
Provided for reference only!

This is not the normal ETC version www.eso.org/observing/etc

Optical Imaging Mode Version 5.0.0
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Input Flux Distribution


 Continuum (Flat Spectra)
 Blackbody: T =		 Kelvin
 Template Spectra:   Redshift Z = 

 Single line
	Wavelength:      nm
	Flux:            10-16 ergs/s/cm2 (per arcsec2 for extended sources)
	FWHM:            nm (Minimum value: 0.50)

 Object Magnitude:   Band:  Vega AB

Spatial Distribution:

  Point Source
		  Extended Source

 Extended Source: Integral Photometry

	Aperture Radius  arcsec

Indicate the desired aperture magnitude in the broad band associated filter, and the aperture radius


Sky Conditions

Days From New Moon: Airmass: Seeing: arcsec

The sky brightness is determined by the moon phase according to this table.

Optical Path




 S/N:			Value    Plotting range  %
 Exposure Time (s):	Value    Plotting range  %


On submission the model can generate the following graphs:

Plots: Toggle All / No Plots Input spectrum in physical units Total Efficiency CCD Illumination S/N as a function of Seeing (for pointlike sources only) S/N as a function of Exposure Time 2D simulated image (pointlike sources only)

This software has been prepared in collaboration between ESO and the VIMOS consortium
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