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VIRCAM Exposure Time Calculator


Legacy version P95-phase2 (December 2014)
Provided for reference only!

This is not the normal ETC version www.eso.org/observing/etc

Infrared Imaging Mode Version 5.0.0
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Input Flux Distribution

Uniform (constant with wavelength) Target Magnitude and Mag.System:
= Vega
Magnitudes are given per arcsec2
for extended sources.
Stellar template spectrum: Spectral Type :
Blackbody : Temperature : K
Single Line :
Lambda: nm
Flux: 10-16 ergs/s/cm2 (per arcsec2 for extended sources)
FWHM: nm

Spatial Distribution:

Point Source  
Extended Source diameter (arcsec):  
Extended Source (per pixel)

Instrument Setup


Sky Conditions

Airmass :  
Seeing : arcsec (FWHM in V band)

Observing Setup

Detector on-chip integration time DIT = sec (Note: minimum DIT is 1.0 sec)
Exposure Time:
S/N ratio:
Observation Strategy:
       Exposure coadds (Ndit):
       Exposure loops (Nexp):
       Microstepping pattern (NxM):
       Jitter pattern (Njitter):
       Number of pawprints (Npaw):

Plots: Toggle All / No Plots

Input spectrum in physical units
CCD Illumination, Object only
Sky Emission Spectrum
Sky Transmission Spectrum
System Efficiency
S/N as a function of Exposure Time

Legacy version P95-phase2 (December 2014)
Provided for reference only!

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